Axe Estuary

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The Axe Estuary

Axe Estuary Wetland

The Axe Estuary Wetland Project is a new proposal from East Devon District Council to create a large scale Nature Reserve with enhanced opportunities for wildlife and people.
Covering most of the western side of the Axe Estuary and the adjacent marshes, the new Nature Reserve will be one and a half miles in length, extending from Seaton to Colyford.

A wealth of new wildlife habitats will be created, making the area one of the best sites for wildlife watching in Devon. Enhancements will include new ponds and meres, seasonally flooded fields, a large brackish water lagoon, reed beds and tidal salt marshes. All this will be set against the beautiful backdrop of the lower Axe valley.

A network of paths will provide public access to all of the different habitats. Up to three and a half miles of routes will be available to explore, and these will be screened wherever necessary to avoid disturbance to the wildlife. All routes will be created to a standard suitable for wheelchairs and will include sections of boardwalks and bridges to allow safe access over marshy or tidal areas.
Wildlife watching will be enhanced by a number of new bird hides. Based on the existing bird hide at Seaton Marshes, these will allow close views of large numbers of birds and will be built to a design that blends with the landscape. Key areas will be left completely undisturbed but will have bird hides and viewing facilities around the edges. As well as bird hides there will be anumber of viewing platforms, giving panoramic views over the marshes.

Colyford Common Local Nature Reserve

Colyford Common is an important wetland site on the Axe estuary. Being regularly flooded by high tides, this salt marsh has a very unusual flora and fauna, supporting many locally rare and nationally important species.

The viewing platform offers fantastic views across the upper reaches of the estuary and surrounding saltmarsh. Little egrets fish in the creeks and lagoons on the estuary and shelduck can be seen grazing on the Local Nature Reserve.

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The Birder's Market | Resource | Birding locations | Birding sites England | Birding sites Devon |  Axe Estuary

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